Friday, March 18, 2011

Science vs the Media

The nuclear industry has always expounded mistruths, misinformation, and actual lies about the safety, economics, and need for nuclear power. So now the hype climbs to a new level, thanks to Fox News and its contributors, who shamelessly claim to be experts in everything, and feed their vitriol to the media-numb public.

Ann Coulter is now a medical expert, telling us that radiation is actually good for us. She joins, or rather stirs, the ultra-right in their rejection of basic science on all levels of our technological world.

There is no safe dose of radiation. Any exposure is capable of inducing biological change. The effects are linear – the larger the dose, the longer the exposure – the greater the risk. This is the belief of all medical and scientific entities worldwide. Over the years, with more information and scientific studies, radiation exposure standards have been tightened for the public, for nuclear workers, and for amounts allowable in food, water, and air.

Coulter spouts her lie without any supporting documentation. If such findings had ever been made public and undergone scientific peer review, we would surely know about it.

But a crisis, in some ways more serious than the Fukushima events, is very rampant in today’s society – the reckless and disgusting portrayal of opinion as fact in our “news” media.

Gee, I hope we don’t concede that the world is really flat…that would change a few things!

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