Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Thoughts in Early March

Gee, I guess things are going to be all right, since the economy is improving so well...must be the Obama stimulus/bailouts that worked.

Business must be really good, now that they've gotten rid of all those commie union deals. Maybe some of those jobs might come back to the US.

You can bet these guys are not paying the 32% tax rate on this...probably not paying any taxes at all. But that is what the Republicans are all about...some of that money will find its way back into the political coffers of Boner, McConnell, and friends.

Gosh...all those terrible solar and wind subsidies...tsk, tsk! Eliminate ALL the subsidies to oil, coal, nuclear, and even renewables, and within a few years we would see the TRUE (REAL) cost of energy...gasoline at $10/gallon; coal electricity at $0.20/kwh; and we couldn't even build any new nukes. At those prices, renewables would be more than competitive, and their prices would be coming DOWN with time, and be more SECURE. We would then create an environment for new, innovative, cheaper, sustainable energy. Even the playing field? Not for a bunch of greedy cheaters like the Kock brothers and their Republican cronies

The Republican line...too much government spending...well, what we need now is another good WAR to boost the economy. War spending created jobs...building bombs, guns, tanks, Kevlar vests....and all the logistics of moving things around, building new barracks and showers...Halliburton must be drooling at the trough.....but wait! That's GOVERNMENT SPENDING...that's what got us into this mess in the first place. Bush took a huge surplus, spent it, and then spent another trillion dollars on Iraq...great for the economy...5% unemployment, huge amounts of money flooding into Wall Street, no way/idea on how to really invest it other than scams which the bankers, traders, etc. came up with...everything was rosy till it started to fall apart in 2007. Obama inherits it in 2009, and , oh, of course, the problems we have today are ALL due to Obama...he just wants to destroy America...and those American workers....union members, socialist, commies...they just want to destroy America.

SOME of us are being hoodwinked by the super rich, and their lackeys...the Republican politicians who will do/say anything for the continued cash flow into their coffers.

I think this is one of the most exciting times in American history/politics. The average citizen will soon become aware of the GAME being played on them, and will rise up and make some changes.

Viva la Revolution!!!! (I guess Spanish is ok...I'd say it in Chinese or Arabic, but...)

One last thing...first saw it in Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"...kind of says it all...

"...the haves, and the have mores..." I'm not in that club!

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