Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Democratic Leadership?

I am disappointed, actually ashamed of Obama for his lack of leadership, and shift in the direction he said he would take the country when elected. Too bad. He has fallen to the pressure of the super rich, for whatever reasons. It doesn't really matter who the figurehead is...Obama, Bush, McCain, Palin, Biden, Edwards....they are just pawns in the game, and the stakes in that game are reaching their highest level in our recent history. That is/has been my concern all along. I am still a liberal, and hold to my liberal values, and would like to see my country move towards all those things we've argued about for years...renewables, clean air and water, social justice...a sustainable quality life for not only me, but for the majority of good hard working Americans. The American dream. Conservatives speak of less taxes, more personal freedom, the ability to create their own future. However, all of this is being threatened, coerced, manipulated behind the scenes by the super rich...the big money and greed...the Kock brothers, Soros...hey we can name them from both sides of the doesn't matter. There are some good rich people; some who give money away for good cause. But there are a bunch who we don't even know about who are out to get as much as they can for themselves. It's not about's all about is just the instrument, the cards in the game. This has been going on throughout history. I believe that it really took hold during the "money" days of Ronald Reagan. His philosophy pushed the investments without a one to two year payback, etc. His biggest score was his elimination of the "fairness doctrine"...the truth in media, and the mandate that both sides be equally presented to the public. This led the way for the incredible bias and commentary we have on both sides today. The media now tells us the “news”, and then tells us how to interpret it, what to believe...basically how to think. The second major score is the Supreme Court ruling that corporations can donate as much money as they want to political campaigns, Again, the best democracy money can buy. Congress is constantly arguing about gays, abortion, if those are really important to the average person today. Meanwhile, in deflecting from the real issues, they’re eroding the basis of all the wealth that makes up this country...the working they upper middle class or lower middle jobs, no revenues, no money for infrastructure or investment. It sounds like Egypt, or Iraq, or a third world country. Scary!

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