Thursday, January 19, 2012

Money and Politics

Here is a discussion on differing philosophies in the political arena.

Politics today is really a "money game.” It doesn't make any difference if we know who, or how much has been donated to EITHER side Money is given to Congresspersons...Republicans, Democrats, whoever...on everything from Keystone Pipeline, climate change, abortion, auto mileage standards, meat-packing cleanliness, everything under the sun. It is how the system works right now...always has; but it is getting worse with the Supreme Court decision on corporation personhood. So, we can each point fingers...Obama...bad, bad...Kock brothers...bad, bad...doesn't really get us anywhere...BUT we both recognize the severity of the problem, and its implications.

You and I differ in that you say "no way to stop it" Give up...put out the surrender sign...whatever. I think and believe we can change things...that is what America is all about for me...the opportunity to fight for what is least what I believe to be right. Fight with our military, fight with our votes, and more importantly, fight with our freedom to gather, discuss, and collectively push for change. That is what "Occupy" is all about. Yes, the message is not clearly defined, the battleground is a filthy mess, there is no real direction or leadership...but it signifies a huge upwelling of the (let's continue to call them the 99%ers) against the big money interests (still call them the 1%ers).

You and I want the same thing...a good quality life for ourselves and our friends and family; less government and rules interfering in our lives, and subsequently, less taxes to pay. However, we live in a complex society where we need government bodies to provide us with security, coordinate infrastructure like water, energy, highways, etc, and impose regulations that protect us citizens from physical danger to our health, livelihood, and freedom.

It would be nice if we had an efficient, well run government that served the needs of the people ands the nation. Instead we have a huge, inefficient system that runs on money and lobbying (from all sides and perspectives), and wastes our precious hard earned tax dollars.

Instead of sitting back and moaning and pointing fingers, you should be expending your mind and energies in working towards solutions...not easy to do, but the ultimate human challenge. For example, Common Cause and Robert Reich (I know you think he is liberal, socialist moron) are mounting a campaign to reverse the Citizens United decision. I signed the petition...what will it do, what will happen, I don’t know. But it is a tiny step towards attempting to make the changes I support. I remember a few months ago, when I told you that Susan had closed her Bank of America accounts after 46 years, you responded "you've got them shuddering." You bet. They backed off their $2 fee. Little steps, little all eventually adds up.

So again, I ask you, in light of your disgust at Obama accepting Buffett's money...what are YOU willing to do about it? If you don't like something in your life, you try and change it. Turn off Fox News and open your eyes and ears to what is really going on in this country, and the world as a whole. Let's hear some positive ideas towards solution.

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