Friday, January 27, 2012

Energy Glut

It’s not just the solar industry…it’s everywhere! Lie, cheat, steal, scam…it’s prevalent in human nature, and needs some kind of social system to regulate and keep it in check. It’s called laws and dutiful enforcement.

Natural gas glut…wholesale prices down to the lowest they’ve been in almost 20 years…no impact on what I’m paying PG&E to keep my house warm this winter…same price per therm I’ve been paying for the last 5 or so years.

Oil glut in America? Ship it out…add value to it by refining it and then exporting it. Price of gasoline here is $3.89…down about 10 cents from a year ago. Produce more American oil…just means more profits on the global market for the big companies. Pure economics…human nature.,0,3577969.story

So if you really think that “drill, baby, drill” or the Keystone pipeline is going to have any significant impact on the price of gasoline or our home heating gas in light of the global control that the multinationals have…well…..

Renewables…no exploration, no guessing how much is there, and where….

These are the thoughts going through my head this morning. I know you think I’m stupid or naïve, or whatever. It seem like common sense to me. The world is not perfect and will never be. The economy drives us…the questions I have are what, who, where, and why. As a business owner for 30 years, I am all for the free enterprise system, making money, less regulation, more opportunity for creativity; but what governs the “spiritual and moral” integrity of commerce? I guess our “values” are very different. My father was an immigrant, no education, could hardly speak decent English…he worked very hard and was an extremely honest and sincere man, and made his fortune. I think of him often, and know he would be proud of my beliefs and values.

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