Monday, October 10, 2011

This Week's Thoughts

All the Solyndra hype has escalated the 1%ers continued misleading and lying to the American public that solar and other renewables can’t give us affordable, clean energy and jobs. I (we) have been arguing against this mistruth for a long time now, and the answer has always been (as Bush so boldly said) “it would destroy our economy.” Go figure!

Here is the technology that we invented and sold (gave) away to the rest of the world. They would have us believe that we can’t do it, afford to do it, or now even want to do it.

14GW…equivalent to 14 nukes…we are still struggling (6 years later) to get approval and federal loan guarantees to build ONE. Go figure!

On the nuclear front, we will continue to see more and more costs exposed from the “big lie” that nuclear electricity is cheap. Here, the stranded costs (the costs subsidized because deregulated electricity came in cheaper than nuke electricity) are starting to be addressed.

Good thing we have the best and brightest in the nuclear industry…just like PG&E’s Diablo Canyon.

A serious accident can’t happen in the US……

These 100+ plants are approaching 30 years and the realistic end of their lives. License extension? Squeeze a few more rate-payer dollars out of them? You bet!

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