Friday, October 14, 2011

The Dragon is Coming

It’s just inevitable…another chink in the greatness of America, leading us down the road to being a third world country.

Invest $15 billion in the wind industry? Hell no! They are probably bigger crooks than all those in the solar industry. Push GE to really get serious with their wind…oh no…Imelt is an Obama supporter…can’t do that! It would make the President look good.

So, we’ve wasted three precious years, and will waste even more while we sit around like babies in the sandbox throwing words, accusations, lies, etc. at each other, arguing over just how big a tax break the super rich should get, so they can eventually have enough money to eventually invest in American jobs and technology.

Obama is definitely to blame…he has not stood up to his promises and convictions. The Republicans are to blame for paralyzing this nation’s political mechanism from moving forward. The American people are to blame…the 1%ers for being greedy, and the other 99% for being ignorant and duped and stupid.

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