Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thoughts on Veteran's Day

In honor of all the Vets who sacrificed so much for this country, I'm cognizant of all the enemies out there, both internal and external, who continue to threaten the basic values of America. The fight goes on.

Just a short quip....I've been saying and arguing this point for a long time.

"Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ), a Chinese maker of solar panels, rose the most in more than two months after it formed a joint venture with GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Inc. to build a 600-megawatt solar wafer plant.

The plant, which can be expanded to 1.2 gigawatts of annual capacity, will cost $77 million...

Canadian Solar expects the venture to reduce its manufacturing costs starting in the first quarter of 2012..."


The significance of this is that this manufacturing plant will produce 600mw of generating capacity each year for the life-span of its operation...30 years or so (18,000mw!). Compare this to building a single 1200mw nuclear power plant for $10-12 billon, which would take ten years to construct, and then produce enormous future decommissioning and waste costs, and other problems...even a fifth grader can figure that out. The global renewable energy industry is expanding very rapidly, and will do so even more as Germany and Japan get very serious about their energy options. The implementation of solar and other renewables will far out-pace any new nuclear, and will 1) come down in price, 2) create many more good local jobs, 3) create a new economic industrial base, and 4) be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. The next major push will be in energy storage ( I strongly believe in hydrogen-fuel cells), and energy efficiency to moderate demand. That is the future, and I'm really disappointed in the lack of political leadership (controlled by big money...oil, nukes, banks, etc) to move America forward. Maybe some day people will pay their tribute to the "Vets" like me who are fighting for America's future.

PS It's interesting how the nuclear industry is trying to take on this strategy...build small nukes in a manufacturing plant, and then ship them out for deployment. Too bad that is not going to work!

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