Friday, May 13, 2011

As the World Turns

Science vs big money...with our children's future at stake

I trust the work of our top scientists over the last thirty years over the big money misinformation being put out by Exxon, Koch bros, Fox News, etc.

If you really think the Republicans (and I'll include Democrats, because it is now the super rich vs the average American) are really interested in the future of need to open your eyes and ears. If you think the problem is too much government spending and national debt...think again. We are not out of is just that the super rich have a whole lot of it, and are not making it available to do what we need to do for education, infrastructure and public works, and investing in jobs and the future of America. It's "I've got mine, and I want more while I can get it!"

"Florida State University has accepted a $1.5 million grant from a foundation controlled by petrochemical billionaire Charles Koch on the condition that Koch’s operatives would have a free hand in selecting professors and approving publications." Control what is being creative free thinking...that's dangerous. This is even happening at our local community college.

"On Wednesday, ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva outraged many on Capitol Hill when he released a statement calling it “un-American” to end subsidies to the Big 5 oil companies — ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips." It's ridiculous to believe that without subsidies the oil industry would just stop developing for the future. I ran a successful business for 30 years...without subsidies, and I worked hard to grow my business! If these guys are as smart as they think they are, they should work and earn their obnoxious salaries. Exxon is using its profits to buy back its own shares...before too long, they will own most of their own company via shell companies, investment funds, a few top execs, etc.

"Microsoft and Skype saved billions of dollars in taxes because Microsoft used its foreign profits to purchase Skype, which also happens to base its corporate headquarters in a major tax haven itself, Luxembourg." If there is a corporate tax problem, let's fix it! Nobody's really saying that.

"Republican nominee Jane Corwin, is also investing heavily in corporations that outsource U.S. jobs and has reaped massive dividends from these holdings." Get the money out while you can!

"One of Forbes 400 richest Americans — with a net worth last estimated at $1.4 billion — McCombs has gotten state Comptroller Susan Combs to agree to build a racing track in Austin at taxpayer expense. Austin’s city government may also invest an additional $4 million a year in tax revenue to facilitate the plan." That's what it's all about. Creating jobs!

Is Congress, or any of the 2012 candidates talking about/dealing with the real problems we face? Look at the debate on increasing revenues? Yes, we have to cut spending. Yes, there is waste and fraud. But saving someone who is making $1million, $10million...whatever 4% off their taxes is NOT going to give them incentive to invest in infrastructure, industry, things that create jobs. It's a no brainer...but the super-rich controlled media is playing this all up in a very skillful way that is brainwashing the public.

What's good for General Motors is no longer good for America! It's a whole new global world, and we need new rules.

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