Friday, January 15, 2016

Water Quality - our next big crisis

Here’s an interesting story of politics, economics, people, and the inalienable right to clean water.

The city of Flint, Michigan has budget problems.  To save $5m, they switch to water from the Flint River, long polluted by industrial discharge.
The water reacts with the old piping and infrastructure to release lead and other toxins, which appear far above acceptable health standards.  The EPA, the state, and the city all knew about this since the first part of last year, yet allowed the water to be sold to, and utilized by the residents.  Health problems appear!

City and state declare emergency; the National Guard is delivering bottled water for drinking to all the residents (I guess it’s ok to bath, wash clothes, and wash your car with tainted water), and have now asked the Federal Government for disaster assistance.  Meanwhile, residents are still being charged for their water.

On the larger playfield, Congress is adamant at overturning the current Obama clean water bills that would prevent these things from happening. 
Go figure.  What other species would willfully poison its own clean water supply? 

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