Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Welcome to 2014

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and I am so optimistic about the major changes that will occur in 2014.

First, on the nuclear side…it is dead, although its tail is still waggin’.  We will finally begin to see the outrageous true costs of decommissioning and waste disposal as more plants are shut down, and the public begins to finally realize what is in store for them and their kids.  As we face those serious economic issues, more countries will also open their eyes and rethink their energy options.

Secondly, the growth of renewables will grow exponentially.  They are now so cost effective, that they are creating problems of overcapacity and loss of utilities control.  In spite of the billions spent by the “powers that be,” we will begin to address the restructuring of utilities and rates, and start to make major changes to our so out-dated grid system.  We will see breakthrough efforts in energy storage, and a whole new economic model of financing the upfront costs of all these technologies.  The ultimate “gold ring” is that the fuel is free, and its cost will not fluctuate as with other fuels; and of course this goes against every fiscal conservative economic model that we have lived with in the past.  And the price of fossil fuels will rise, as we begin to seriously adopt measures such as a carbon tax, and other climate change actions.

2014 will be a landmark year in politics, economics, energy policy, and I hope in other key social issues as well.

Happy Sunny and Windy New Year!!!!!!!!!

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