Friday, November 1, 2013

The Price of Gasoline

“Chevron said Friday that net income fell 6 percent in the third quarter as weak refining results and higher operating costs offset higher oil and gas production and prices.”

Here in Humboldt County, the price for a gallon of gasoline has recently dropped to $3.99.  It has been between $4.19 and $4.29 for most of the year.

The US is producing the most oil from domestic sources in over 30 years.  Our imports are down significantly, and our exports are way up.

So we are now saving 25 cents on a gallon of gas…whoopee!  But just wait.  The price will go up again, because: “Chevron's worldwide oil and gas production rose 3 percent, or about 70,000 barrels per day compared with last year. Higher oil prices in the U.S. and abroad, and higher natural gas prices in the U.S. also helped boost revenue. But higher operating and exploration expenses offset those gains. The company's oil and gas exploration and production earnings fell 1 percent in the quarter. Refining profit fell by 45 percent in the quarter because input costs such as crude oil stayed high while prices for fuel products such as gasoline fell.”

Drill, Baby, drill…that whole mantra, and everything that was said by Palin, Gingrich, and the rest of those morons was really a lie.  Flat out BS to the American public.  We could drill and frack to their hearts content, become “energy self-sufficient,” produce all our own energy, and we would not be in control of the price of gasoline.  I would expect that Chevron and Exxon (who reported the same kinds of earnings) will now have to manipulate the refining market…time for another explosion or fire, or something to get that price of gasoline back up…this time to $4.49 or more.

It’s the same players and game in the entire fossil fuel and nuclear business.  And we use an enormous amount of our tax dollars to assure the “health” of these energy giants, while some of us squabble about the health care for our citizens.  Makes one want to think??!!

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