Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July, America!

A few current news trends as we celebrate the birthday of the great American dream.

Gee, we could have used the Solyndra money to help pay for this!  Tsk, tsk.

You’ve got to put it somewhere…SC is probably as good a place as any!  Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Wisconsin???????

Nuclear subsidies?  The world over!  “The total amount of public money injected into Japan’s TEPCO is now at 2.5 trillion yen ($30.7 billion).”  Here in the US, we could have probably built one and a half new reactors for that amount.

Today, California is expected to hit a summer peak demand of  about 35,000MW, with available resources of 45,000MW…that gives about a 25% reserve…not bad.  All this without the 2200MW from the shut down San Onofre nukes.

As Japan begins to come to its senses and initiates investments into renewables, the demand for PV, wind, and other technologies will increase.  Too bad the US has abandoned its renewables industries…most of the product demand and jobs will go to China and Germany.  Another lost opportunity due to short-sightedness!

As the world deals with extreme weather, we continue to  spend our “intelligent” efforts dealing with gay marriage, immigration, minimizing healthcare for the poor, and further enriching the rich with more riches.

This is just the beginning…will it get better?  Or worse?  Do you believe the scientists, or the fossil fuel industry lackeys?  Time will tell…eventually the economic damage will reach such proportions that even the real fiscal conservatives will have their eyes and ears opened…as well as their pocketbooks.

Happy 4th of July, America!  The best democracy money can buy.

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