Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Latest Rant

Excuse my frustrating diatribe, but this issue goes to the heart of my deep concern for the future of this country.  This writing is in response to an ongoing dialogue I have with a friend up north:

I don’t know why I’m wasting my time writing all this because I know you won’t read it or even begin to comprehend what I am saying.  I realize that it is totally useless to try and have an intelligent and logical argument or debate about our opposing views. 

You obviously did not read the article I sent you that started this latest round
because your response has absolutely nothing to do with what it says; and what you did come back with is really the crux of the big problem…with you, and with the whole “Fox Effect” that is prevalent today in any kind of political discussion in this country.
Did you even read the article you threw back at me?  Or did you just look at the headline and make your assumptions…or did Hannity tell you what to think about this issue?
So here is the “real story” from that left wing media CNN
Yes, 50% of the refining capacity has been shut down in the Northeast.  Why? 
“The refineries are losing money because they are old and cannot process the cheaper, heavier types of oil that are increasingly in supply from Canada's oil sands, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and elsewhere.”  Old refineries have not been upgraded to deal with the new types of oil that are entering the global market.  (Now I can make an assumption here…not supported by the facts, that the oil industry has made billions in profits and not poured money back into new or upgraded refineries and infrastructure.) You make the assumption that it is Obama (and the wacko enviros) that have shut them down due to excessive environmental regulation.  Neither side is supported by what is said in the article.  We would both be wrong…and just stating our biases.  Read…and if you can, and try to comprehend!
Needless to say, the article goes on with “East Coast gasoline shortages are a real possibility -- but not because there isn't enough gasoline in the United States. The real problem lies in transporting that gasoline to the Northeast.”  Hence support for my original article that there is a glut of oil and gasoline in the US, and the industry is exporting product to other places in the world.
Nowhere does the article make any reference to $6 a gallon as you say….”So gas in New York is over $6 a gallon and rising.”  Actually, the current price is $4.11 today (cheaper than in Arcata), and is coming down.  http://www.newyorkgasprices.com/index.aspx?&area=COOPER&area=MANHATTAN&area=NEW+YORK&area=NYC&area=New+York+City

So in my opinion, what you are saying is just pure bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what is my "fixation" on Fox, Kocks, Ailes, Rove, et.al.?  I have emailed you my concerns over the years, but obviously you've never read them.  You are mirrored in their media ideology of mis-statements, lies, and distortion…all in the name of news.  Say what you want (whether it's true or not), say it often enough, and it becomes infixed in the brains of the mindless.  Pavlov was a great inspiration for Hitler, Mao, Jong, etc.  Create a menu of headlines, broadcast your interpretation of what the actual articles say, and hope no one actually reads them…and if they did, they’re probably too stupid to understand it and form their own opinion.  You did that exact thing on that article you sent me a while back with the headline claiming manmade global warming is a hoax.  http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/04/06/458651/fox-news-again-turns-to-tabloid-for-climate-science/  You obviously did not read the article because it had no reference to “man-made influences;” and when I sent you the piece in which the actual scientist argued that he was misquoted and misrepresented by the reporter, and that his research had nothing to do with current climate change…you stood by your argument claiming you believed the “renown scientist.”  You believed the mis-statement of the facts by the reporter…not the scientist
Need I say more?   

Very scary…a terrorist threat to this country far greater than Al Queda, the federal deficit, health insurance, or Secret Service parties.  Integrity, morality, honesty, accountability...whatever...the best democracy money can buy!

And as to what I read… I try to look at a wide range of points of view.  Yes, every day I look at Huffington, Think Progress, Politico, Media Matters, Daily Kos…left wing stuff; but I also look at Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart. Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, as well as NY Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, LA Times, SF Chronicle, St. Petersburg Times, and I scan Yahoo and MSN news service.  I also have several "collectors" that glean energy articles (no bias) and of course, a big focus on nuclear stuff (again, both sides.)  We don’t really watch TV…no Fox, MSNBC, CNN…although I cruise a few of those channels in between innings of the Giants games!

I guess I pride myself for trying to understand what is going on…sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong (or left); sometimes I agree; sometimes I disagree.  I'm constantly open to learning something, and I try to make up my own mind, rather than have someone else tell me what to think. Try it sometime!

Yes, I am a conservative...I care about the rights of all human beings and the environment we all live in, which is under attack from the greed and corruption of the few.

Here are the emails exchanges that led to this final discussion!!!!
Gee.................maybe this is not to be believed, as CNN is probably a right winger................
 I like your !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’s...............
What’s with your fixation on fox, kock, etc???           Brainwash works both ways you know......................Huff and Puff................
And, you bet..........I am a conservative...............and I am sure you are too..............

EMAIL #3 Subject: Re: drill baby drill
There is a glut of oil and gasoline...we are exporting gasoline product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep listening to the FOX, Kock, Rove, Adelson, etc million dollar bullshit.  You are such a good brainwashed fiscal conservative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EMAIL #2 Subject: Re: drill baby drill
I am sure you are aware that about 50% of the refineries on the east coast have shut down..........due to excessive EPA regulations, thanks to Obama................
So gas in New Youk is over $6 a gallon and rising................I think it is wonderful…..let them feel the pain…..

EMAIL #1 Subject: drill baby drill
 The US has a huge glut of oil...so much that a tanker carrying Alaskan oil returned to port with about a quarter of its cargo because there was no place to put it!  Yet the price of gasoline is, and is staying at an almost all time high.  Obama's fault...you bet, if you listen to Faux News.
 What is the cause...very complex stuff; but the bottom line is "the power of the world market."  So, we can drill, drill, drill, drill all we want in our National Parks, offshore, in the Arctic, wherever....Romney can personally build the Keystone Pipeline...it would all be like pissing in the ocean, except we'd be dribbling some down our pants!

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