Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Digital Future

Some interesting things going on...

Technology and human inventiveness doesn't sit still. It sure helps if there is "encouragement" in whatever form to push it along.
This is the crux of where we are stated in the video, we are at the beginning of the shift from analogue to everything. "We're going from Ipads to Ihouses!"
The "old guard" is resisting the transition for fear of losing control, power, money, ideology. We have the wealth to push the change, but lack the political leadership to do so. There is no real technological "old guard" in China, hence they are moving ahead.
We're pre-occupied with the Solyndra bankruptcy...maybe it was the same executives who ran General Motors a few years ago....
"Occupy the world!" It is going to be a very interesting next 12 months... for the US and the rest of the world...after all, the world is flat!

An encouraging site:
Beautiful warm sunny day here in Humboldt County...thank God for that global warming.

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