Friday, July 1, 2011

New Step in Renewables

Finally, we’re starting to get a level playing field for renewables. Here, the Feds are guaranteeing loan payments of around $3m/MW for solar development. These 1300MW total projects will be built and completed by 2015, and since there has not been a history of cost overruns, delays, etc, they will probably come on line and produce electricity; and the loans will most likely be paid back. Not much too it…one component fails…replace it while the rest work. No major threats to security, environment, public health. Creates local jobs.

Compare this to the $3m/MW loan guarantees to build the two 1100MW reactors in Georgia…they are already behind schedule, already over budget, probably won’t be completed before 2018 at the earliest, may or may not run depending on the cost of the electricity they produce, no accounting for the future decommissioning and waste disposal costs, no accounting for the security, safety, and anti-terrorism costs, no accounting for the money Georgia ratepayers are already paying for all this, chances are there will be some default…and a whole lot of other issues. The dollars will play themselves out…renewables will win…it’s just common sense. And here it's a start.

A threat to America?

We know it all?

Big business as usual?

It’s the same here, except we condone these actions and bail them out!

It’s all about the money!

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