Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Extending the Tax Cuts

I guess it’s politics as usual. It really doesn’t make any difference who is in the White House, or who is in control of Congress. The real power is in MONEY, so those who have it get their way. It seems the "conservatives" are classed with Republicans and are MORE out for the rich, big business, etc; while the "liberals" are Democrats more in support of the average and "lower" person...either way most of us get screwed. Since I clump myself more with the middle class...I support the Democrats. But I am VERY unhappy with OBAMA...so a lot of the criticism of him is true and justified. But I am still calling it as I see it, and to say ALL this is Obama's fault just isn't true...he has definitely screwed up HIS part of it. It is the top 1%...whatever that means...rich, politically powerful, bank execs, Wall Street moguls, big CEOs...the fat cats who are running the show, getting huge amounts of money, manipulating the economy, and not paying their fair share. That's been my beef all along, and is doesn't seem to matter who is in charge. The game has been manipulated to where we have the "best democracy money can buy," and a "news" media that doesn't really tell the news, but gives opinions of what the news is or should be. Those are the two basic realities that need to change if America is to remain a strong moral, free nation, and not succumb to communism, socialism, nazism, or whatever "ism" is out there. We need to revert back to the system where we identify the issues, elect people to deal with those issues, and openly discuss them in the political arena...namely Congress, and not MSNBC or Fox News. I fear that there will be a serious "revolution" in this country within the next four years. The Tea Partiers are right in part...they are frustrated with big government squandering their taxes; the Working Class is being outsourced and laid-off; the education system is being starved; most young folks won’t be able to afford a home; the lower class is being ignored, the majority of people are brainwashed, plugged into their Iphones facebooking their friends; the answer supposedly is for everyone to spend more of what they don't have; and the FEW “rich” suck away the dollars from the economy, stashing it where it really makes no impact on our economy….no real jobs in industry, infrastructure, basic commerce. At some point there will be a “trigger”…whether it is more recession/depression, spike in oil prices, terrorist action here, global climate change, drought….who knows, something that finally brings us together to realize the system is broken and we have the means…the wealth (dollars), the technology, the knowledge, the communication, the people to make the change. I guess that is the real American dream.

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