Monday, October 25, 2010

One Week Before the Elections

With one week to go until the elections, I can hardly wait for this circus to end, or at least to simmer down for a while. As said before, it is not going to make any difference who wins...if the "liberals" retain control, anything they propose will be blocked by the other side. If the "conservatives" gain control, nothing will really change because they have no agenda...don't have a clue as to what to do, other than stop/block any process to move forward. Meanwhile, the rich will get richer and sit on their untaxed money, you and I (we're lucky ones) will just coast by on our wealth, the average middle class will continue to struggle with lower income, joblessness, default and bankruptcy, and the poor...we'll, they'll just remain poor. But maybe we will solve the crucial issues facing society today...gays getting married, serving in the military, teaching of evolution, and of course, getting rid of those silly windmills and solar panels, and "drill, baby, drill"...or the new one..."mine, baby, mine!'

This piece in the SF Chronicle pretty well sums up my feelings.

Follow that up with a piece in Forbes.

The wealthy 1% already owns the media...there is really no news reporting today...maybe one hour of "news" and 23 hours of opinion.

They already own the Supreme Court...I saw an estimate of over half a billion dollars being spent in this election cycle...donated by "who?"

They already own Congress; it really won't make any difference who is in the White House.

As said before, we will face years of being ungovernable. The rich will suck the system dry, putting very little back into infrastructure, and America will become a second world country with crumbling sewer systems, potholed freeways, collapsing bridges, polluted water, and, of course, the dire "natural" catastrophes of drought, flood, heat, cold, etc., and their impact on food, water, and energy.

But the rich will continue to have fun. Maybe Carly Fiorina will buy a third yacht for the Mediterranean...maybe even one for the Somalia coast!

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